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NOW PLAYING: "Make Me a Song." OneOrlando benefit show Saturday July 9th at 8pm at the Athenaeum Theatre in Chicago!

It’s time to expand the relationship between audience and actor.

At Eclectic Full Contact Theatre we promise to do three things:

  • We promise to enliven you with immersive stories, challenging works, and unencumbered fun.
  • We promise to cultivate reciprocal relationships with you through open discussion and active participation.
  • And most importantly, we promise to laugh (with you) if we fail, and promptly try again.

Core Values:
*Undertake each production as if it’s our last (it might be, please donate).
*Perform the shows we feel most passionate about.
*Build a relationship with our audience and promote a community of artists and arts lovers.
*Share our passions with the passionate.

[Eclectic] continually proves to be one of Chicago’s most consistently excellent storefront companies…” Chicago Theatre Review