You love theatre:

You love theatre and you recognize that while the general public might be focused on movies and television, live performance gives you a level of spontaneity, energy, and audience connection that other media can’t match.

Every time you purchase a ticket for an Eclectic Full Contact Theatre production or event, you’re helping to support live theatre in Chicago. But ticket sales only constitute a portion of our budget. So if you’d like to show your support even more and join our team of corporate sponsors and private donors, please consider a donation to Eclectic Full Contact Theatre. We’re a 501(c)(3) organization, so your donation is tax-deductible!


How to donate:

There are several ways to donate. Please feel free to contribute using any or all of these options:

1) Click here to make a secure, tax-deductible donation directly to Eclectic.


2) Make a donation in person: Bring a check or cash donation to an upcoming performance. The house manager will gladly accept your donation, and will take down your information if you would like a receipt for tax purposes.

3) You can allow a portion of your purchases on to be donated to Eclectic. And don’t worry–the price of your purchases will not be affected:

Eclectic Full Contact Theatre


Every little bit helps:

Here are some examples of items your donation may allow us to purchase for our next production:

$1: A screw gun bit, safety pins or a roll of invisible tape

$5: A box of screws, 2 2x4s, dry cleaning for one costume

$10: Paint brushes, blue light bulbs for use backstage, a roll of spike tape

$20: A costume, 5 safety cables for our lighting equipment

$30: A gallon of paint, a 4×8 flat

$40: Lighting gels, gobos, a specialty prop

$50: A specialty costume, basic printing

$75: Storage fees, specialty set piece

$100: Moving truck rental, actor stipend


Support our hosts:

“Support the home of Eclectic Full Contact Theatre, Chicago’s oldest, continuously operating off-loop theater. A donation of any amount helps support the Athenaeum Theatre’s goal of providing affordable performance space to artists. Be a part of our second century in the second city!” Donate to the Athenaeum