Past Seasons



Take Me Out
by Richard Greenberg
Previews: October 3-5, Performances: October 6-November 2, 2014
New superstars are created by the sports industry every season: each with picture-perfect images and CEO salaries. But when one of the greatest comes out as gay, can his status protect him from racism and homophobia–on the field, in the locker room, and in the eyes of the fans? Winner of three Drama Desk Awards and three Tony Awards (including Best Play), and Finalist for the Pulitzer Prize.


Spinning Into Butter
by Rebecca Gilman
Previews: January 9 and 11, Performances: January 12-February 8, 2015
At what point do racial issues turn into racism, and concerned reaction into overreaction? The answer is hardly black and white. So when a mostly Caucasian liberal-arts college attemtps political correctness, it learns lessons both painful and bitingly funny. Winner of the Roger E. Stevens Award from the Kennedy Center Fund for New American Plays, and named one of the year’s best plays by Time magazine.

Moon Over Buffalo
By Ken Ludwig
July 9-August 23, 2015

A nearly-famous couple squeezes witty marital squabbling between appearances in second-rate theatre productions. The laughter soon escalates into side-splitting farce complete with infidelity, insobriety, mistaken identities–and the desperate hope Frank Capra will arrive to save them all. Written by the award-winning playwright of Lend Me A Tenor, and nominated for two Tony Awards.

2013-2014Sons Eclectic Mast v1

All My Sons
by Arthur Miller
How will you be remembered years from now: as a caring spouse, an adoring parent—or will a single business decision overshadow it all? Acknowledged as a classic, the original Broadway production earned a New York Drama Desk Critics Circle Award and two Tony Awards.



“All My Sons: a gut-wrenching experience…Eclectic Full Contact Theatre’s cast and director do an outstanding job of telling this story, and parsing out the details suspensefully throughout the two acts.”
—Gapers Block

“David Elliott lends to Joe’s despair a dignity as poignant as it is obstinate, but it is Julie Partyka who contributes the evening’s takeaway performance…the frisson that rippled through the opening-night audience was as palpable as a literal bolt from the blue.”
—Windy City Times

“strong acting…a satisfying production of a timeless classic.”
—Showbiz Chicago

Directed by David Belew*
Cast: David Elliot, Julie Partyka*, Jeff Kurysz, Tracey Green, Pat Iven*, Nancy Kolton, Kevin Webb, Amy Gorelow, Charlie Rasmann, Will Boyle, Connor Boyle

Unshelved Eclectic Mast v1

by Beth Kander

WORLD PREMIERE: Alzheimer’s is a relentless disease. But whose identity is affected more: the victim’s or her family’s? This wry and endearing drama was a Finalist in the Eudora Welty New Play Series.

“Speller is clearly talented…Rodkin finds…moments that feel right as a woman losing grip on reality, which is a real feat and earns her extra credit.”
—Chicago Theatre Beat

“The production looks good…I am glad the company took on this project….”
—Chicago Stage Standard

Directed by Lisa Hodge Kander
Cast: Debra Rodkin, Mike Speller, Michelle Annette*, Johnny Graff

Laughter Eclectic Mast v1

Laughter on the 23rd Floor

by Neil Simon

Sometimes a pivotal moment sets the path for the rest of your life. And when that moment takes place in the writers’ room for the biggest TV comedy of 1953, you can expect equal parts of hilarity and nostalgia (and if you’re lucky, onion bagels).

RECOMMENDED: “They do a damn good job…I laughed out loud.”
—Jonathan Abarbanel, Dueling Critics

RECOMMENDED: “The comedy is sharp and well-honed, timed perfectly and delivered flawlessly.”
—Colin Douglas, Chicago Theatre Review

“Director David Belew and a talented cast deliver the laughs in high style.”
—Chicago Theater Beat

“Eclectic Full Contact Theatre gets it right…this valentine is funny and wistful.”
—Windy City Times

Directed by David Belew*
Cast: Jessica Lauren Fisher*, Parker Guidry, Alex Levine, Scott Mills, Kirk Osgood, Andrew Pond*, Lisa Savegnago*, Charlie Wein, Michael Woods*
Understudies: Andy Blaustein, Jack Bourgeois, Cady Leinicke, Brennan Roach, David Weiss

*Denotes Eclectic Company Member



Shakes Eclectic Mast v1

May 31–June 23, 2013 (Chicago)
June 28–Aug 10 (Arlington Heights)

The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged)

By Adam Long, Daniel Singer and Jess Winfield

Can three comedians perform all 37 of Shakespeare’s plays in two hours or less? It won’t be easy—but with its breakneck pace and audience interaction, it’s guaranteed to be a hilarious ride!


Around The Town Chicago

“…This breakneck, improv-heavy parody of all things Shakespearean gets a silly, smart…hilarious workout from Eclectic Full Contact Theatre.”

“Adam Kander is downright sweet in the women’s roles, and Michael Woods uses his Marty Feldman eyes and killer timing to great effect as the melancholy Dane.”
Chicago Reader

Together, these three goofs work together like comedy clockwork, knowing just how to tease the laughs out of the audience and when to make jokes at their own expense.”

“Think of it as Cliffs Notes on amphetamines.”
Chicago Mag

“Eclectic artistic director David Belew…has a terrific cast that transitions through characters, props, iambic pentameter and flatulence jokes with the greatest of ease.”

“Complete Works never fails to entertain…Eclectic proves once again they’re a new company to watch.”
Chicago Theater Beat

Directed by David Belew*
Cast: Adam Kander*, Andrew Pond*, Michael Woods*
Understudies: Ryan Naimy, Sean Walsh, Aaron Wertheim

Six Degrees Eclectic Mast v2

February 22nd-March 17th, 2013

Six Degrees of Separation

by John Guare.

Who do you know—and how well? A wealthy art-dealing white couple takes in their kids’ black schoolmate, who might not be what he appears.
Olivier Award winner for Best Play. Inspired by a true story.


3 1/2 STARS (out of 4) “Eclectic is new to the Chicago theatre scene…Thanks to simple production values, a deep respect for the text and [Julie] Partyka’s tour-de-force performance, I emerged a convert.” –Chicago Theatre Beat

RECOMMENDED “Bear Bellinger could sell ice to Eskimos as Paul, a young black man who poses as Sidney Poitier’s son to stay with a well-off white couple.” –Chicago Reader

3 1/2 STARS (out of 4) “Director David Belew has fashioned a fresh new production of Six Degrees of Separation. His ensemble…revitalizes John Guare’s now-classic play about an interloper among the privileged.” –Chicago Stage Review

Directed by David Belew*
Cast: Michelle Annette*, Bear Bellinger, Braden Coucher, David Elliott, Keith Emroll, Jessica Fisher*, Greg Foster, Jeffrey Gitelle, Royen Kent, Carl Lindberg, Julie Partyka*, Charles Rasmussen, Nelson Rodriguez, Eric Swanson, Julia Weed

Music From A Sparkling Planet

October 26th-Nov 18th, 2012

Music from a Sparkling Planet

By Douglas Carter Beane

Three men overwhelmed by the demands of adulthood drop everything to track down the one woman who could restore meaning to their lives: the alcoholic host of their favorite childhood cartoon show.
Written by a Drama Desk Award winner and Tony nominated playwright, the original production was acclaimed by the New York Times as a “nimble escapist comedy about escapism…sweet, tasty, and mildly inebriating.”


“[Lisa] Savegnago offers a layered depiction of a woman on the edge, and as fast-talking commitmentphobe Wags, Michael Woods steals focus with his winning mug.”
Suzanne Scanlon, Time Out Chicago

“This is an amiable cast, with Savegnago and Pond being the real draw. Kander, Tierney, and Woods have the appropriate bromantic chemistry and comedic moments….”
Scotty Zacher, Chicago Theater Beat

“It’s a terrific and complex performance that Andrew J. Pond…matches note for note. There’s a nice inside-showbiz feel to those scenes, of local TV idiosyncrasies and tacky 70s details…Perfect.”
Nina Metz, Chicago Tribune

“Absolutely wonderful! I laughed for two hours and then cried at the end, which was lovely, stunning, and utterly, utterly unexpected…Unquestionably the best show I’ve seen this year.”
Ron Abraytis, Audience Member

Directed by David Belew*
Cast: Adam Kander*, Andrew Pond*, Lisa Savegnago, Patrick Tierney, Michael Woods*

*Denotes Eclectic Company Member